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Automation, robotics and mechatronics

The equipments and instruments of the Automation, robotics and mechatronics Operative Unit.
Equipment for testing of lithium batteries and battery management systems for traction application
lithium_batteries In the laboratory are available few battery banks based on different technology that can be connected in many ways. These batteries can be used for testing of monitoring and equalization device (BMS).
Industrial robot Puma 562
puma_560 The industrial robot Puma 562 is a six degrees-of-freedom robot used to test advanced control algorithms.
Caratteristigrafo HP4156
Power Meter Agilent 437B
TEKTRONIX generator (Two ways)
Festo assembling system
Festo assembling system including a Mitsubishi RV-M1 robot and Centronics cables. Typically used to test safety algorithms in industrial environments.
Phantom Desktop
The PHANTOM Desktop haptic device provides an affordable desktop solution and is ideal for customers who are performing certain types of haptic research. The PHANTOM Desktop provides precision positioning input and high fidelity force-feedback output.


Prof. Luca Tomesani


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